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Selective Perspective

There is no war on drugs because you cannot have a war against inanimate objects. There is only war on drug addicts. Which means we are warring on the most abused and vulnerable segments of the population.

Dr Gabor Maté | Capitalism Makes us Crazy (via thinksquad)

And they’re winning

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Important things for each of the signs to know


  • aries: astrology is not real
  • taurus: astrology is not real
  • gemini: astrology is not real
  • cancer: astrology is not real
  • leo: astrology is not real
  • virgo: astrology is not real
  • libra: astrology is not real
  • scorpio: astrology is not real
  • sagittarius: astrology is not real
  • capricorn: astrology is not real
  • aquarius: astrology is not real
  • pisces: astrology is not real

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so real, yet too young to realize

TV is for the weak minded 


Weblike sheath covering developing egg chambers in a giant grasshopper
Kevin Edwards, Johny Shajahan and Doug Whitman, Illinois State University
The lubber grasshopper, found throughout the southern United States, is frequently used in biology classes to teach students about the respiratory system of insects. Unlike mammals, which have red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, insects have breathing tubes that carry air through their exoskeleton directly to where it’s needed. This image shows the breathing tubes embedded in the weblike sheath cells that cover developing egg chambers.
Found on National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Extraordinary! And also the other images are great to appreciate the intricate details of life.

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